Current Projects

PACE:  Personalized Assessment of Client Experiences

This study compares two different approaches to measurement-based care to learn more about how to best implement this evidence-based practice to maximize clinician preferences and client outcomes. This project takes place in community mental health clinics in Tennessee.

Community Study of Outcome Monitoring for Emotional Disorders in Teens (COMET)

This study is an effectiveness trial evaluating the use of a measurement feedback system and the unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders in adolescents. This study is taking place in community clinics in Miami and Connecticut.

Kristi House C-START Evaluation

This project is a program evaluation of an ongoing "community-based learning collaborative" aimed at improving the level of evidence-based, trauma-informed, culturally competent care for child victims of sexual abuse and children with sexual behavior problems in Miami Dade/Monroe counties.

Advancing trauma treatment through the integration of Trauma-Focused CBT and measurement-based care (TF-CBT + MBC)

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is an effective intervention for youth trauma, yet clinicians face challenges making the clinical decisions needed to use it. Measurement-based care (MBC), or the use of frequent assessments throughout treatment, is a tool to potentially support clinical decision-making in TF-CBT. However, MBC on its own is rarely used with fidelity by clinicians; tying it more clearly to interventions such as TF-CBT could increase its utility for clinicians. Combining the two approaches therefore holds the potential to improve outcomes for traumatized youth, particularly if developed together with strong implementation supports. This study will gather data to develop a combined approach to TF-CBT with MBC and associated implementation supports. The study will generate data on barriers and facilitators of MBC use, provider, supervisor, client, and caregiver perspectives on what TF-CBT with MBC should look like, and what implementation supports are needed to use it successfully.